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The parent company Bakul, has been in the business of building products distributions since 1975. Its director Amod Tirodkar, is a Software Engineer from University of Mumbai & has a Masters Degree in Business and Information Technology from University of Melbourne, Australia. With a strong passion for coding and a keen understanding of the business practices, Amod developed and implemented the first version of the ESTADO software in 2007. Over the years with changes in business practices and taxation, the software has undergone various stages of upgradation. With over 50,000 in-house entries, the software has undergone rigorous real world testing.

ESTADO has multiple modules, which are integrated seamlessly and cater to various business verticals. Reliability is sacrosanct, hence we recommend the core software to be kept untouched & additional modules to be customized, to suit the customer's specific requirement. With education & experience  in both the business analytics side  & the coding side, we are better suited to advise in implementation of the software.    

Our Services

Modules of Estado IES

The system is made with a modular design, which ensures additional functionality as required by the client


Inventory Workflow

Complete workflow from Purchase Order, GRN, Purchase Rtn, Delivery Challan, Invoice, Sales Return, Credit Note, Stock Transfer. This module also includes inventory tracking

Point of Sale (POS)

POS system, with various payment modes and loyalty discounts.

System SMS

Alerts are sent via sms to registered users for transactions done in the account. Clients and opt for personalised six letter Company Name to Send the SMS from.

Support Ticket

Used to generate and track support tickets. Essential for the Service Industry

Audit Log & Documents

Log is created for all documents and communication, which can be viewed at a glance. Letters can be issued via software to the clients.

Non Trade
Direct Sales

This module is for commission based sale, in which finance is of the Dealer. Example Cement Industry

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